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fruit in a pot


I have access through my mother in law to a small patio with sunlight my own place is like a dungeon and I had a few question about fruit growing. 

Is it possible to grow fruit in a container in zone 5A without bring it inside (no room at her place)? 
Which fruit would be the best for Zone 5A?   
How big should the container be?
How much fruit will it likely generate?   

T Kehl:
The zone should be fine for apples, peaches, plums, and "non exotic" fruit trees.  Your selection will be more limited by the availability of patio trees than what you can grow.

I'll defer to the tree sellers to advise pot size and fruit yield. 

Columnar apples:

Lil' big trees:

As a secondary note, if you plan to have someplace to plant it in the next few years, you could start about any tree in a pot, but the larger ones will not bear fruit as quickly.

You can also try native plums, kiwis (they trellis well and can be trimmed in such a manner that they remain portable) and cold-hardy stone fruits. Definitely pears! I would also try some dwarf varieties that can be cloche'd when needed.

Thanks guys I was starting to worry I'd offend someone :D. I've got time though we are about at least one to two months away from any real planting here. 


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