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Vote for Your Favorite "If I Wanted to Save America Video"

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Full details on this contest are at,

Winner though gets 100 dollars and 100 donated in their name by me to Bella Medical Ministries.

You can change your vote but you can only vote for one winner. 

Again the entries are

* 1.  By Dene B.
* 2.  By mozartsgokart
* 3.  By Voodoo Medic
This poll will run for 7 days, the winner will be announced on Monday May 28th on that days episode of TSP.  Thanks to all who entered and thanks in advance to all who will vote and help promote the winning video.

The Morgan Hill Homesteading Project:
I am voting for the video done by made by The Prepared Ninja. I am also voting for this video because the video cites links in regrades what has happened with the farms and gardens. The video also mentioned many different quotes. Voodoo Medic also mentioned many different as well.

Wow I really got teared up towards the end there. Great videos and Great Speech Jack.

All three were wonderfully done videos and it was a tough choice.  I vote for Voodoo Medic for the added information links included.  But I must say that the ending of mozartsgokart video was powerful and moving with the map of the U.S.  Great job on all three!

All good. Not an easy choice, but I voted.


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