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Virginia Earthquake

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--- Quote from: Alpha Mike on August 23, 2011, 12:33:41 PM ---Yawn, we don't even get out of bed for a 5.9 in Kalifornia any more.
Not a lot of news coverage on it.  Have not seen anything about damage yet.  Hope it was minimal.

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--- Quote from: ublinkd on August 23, 2011, 12:21:22 PM ---It was my first earthquake! oh and in minutes cell and land line were clogged to the point you couldn't call out. Stay safe and prepared people!

Art in VA

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I'm in Baltimore.  It was my first quake too!  Felt like someone really really heavy was running down the hallway at first.  Then it started going sideways.  Our land and cell lines were quickly clogged at that point too.  It took about 3 minutes for the lines to clog.

We felt it mildly here in Abingdon Virginia (SW). Nothing too bad, the transplants from cali that work for me didn't feel a thing and I only noticed because the windex bottle, window and welding tank outside the window were moving back around... I thought it was just my eyes being funky. Turns out, it was real.

Here on LI we felt it pretty good.
Not panic level but it was pretty surprising.
We don't get them very often around here.
It does add a little excitement to the day.

I'm in DC for a meeting and most people evacuated the ballroom, leaving us Californians to chat amongst ourselves. 

Here in Boston my girlfriend felt it and noticed the chair next to her shaking.  I grew up in Los Angeles and I did not feel it but a couple minutes afterwards I got a dull headache which is normal for me when an earthquake hits.  I have several friends in and around Boston who say they felt it.


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