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Old High Carbon Kitchen knife Brands


 What are some good makes of high carbon kitchen knifes? Does anyone have experience with the new Old hickory knives. I am looking at replacing my crappy kitchen knifes with a good set of high carbon knifes. So if I knew of some good brands, I might be able to pick up a set off Ebay. I am only interested in high carbon knifes, no stainless or other so called super knifes. I want a set that will last my lifetime. Thanks,

I love Old Hickory knives. I pick them up anytime I see them at the Goodwill or Salvation Army. They're made by the Ontario Knife company and you can buy them online at

The 8" butcher knife is my favorite all purpose kitchen knife.... I rarely need any other style of knife.

Ditto for the Old Hickory knives.  I have several & have had several over the years that I've used for everything from kitchen duty to hunting knives.  Easy to sharpen & cheap enough that if you lose it or break it, it's easily replaced.


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