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I want to start EDCing pepper spray.  What is the best way to carry some on your person with out looking like Batman wearing a utility belt??  I already carry a cell phone on my belt and sometimes a multi tool.  I worry about pocket carry and accidental discharge in my pants pocket.  How do you guys EDC pepper spray?

My inside breast pocket of a jacket or vest. If its too warm for a jacket then a side pocket of my cargo pants.

I usually do the same and stow it in a cargo or if it's cool a jacket pocket.  I wouldn't worry about a AD as long as you have a decent guard on the canister most have to be pushed rather deliberately to spray.  I use the medium sized  (I believe it's the 2oz) of cold steel's inferno.  I fiddle with it all the time in my pockets (bad habit I know bit of a nervous tick) and have never had it release any agent.



any pepper spray is better than no pepper spray..but this stuff is the best

I have sprayed more people than I can remember in my 12 year police career. Sabre Red is by far the best stuff Ive ever used. It flat out lights people up and they dont want to do anything but get away from the spray.

They have a bunch of different containers and ways to carry it.  I carry a 1.8 oz can in my pocket

make sure you get a "stream" nozzle  and not a "cone" nozzle. the stream is more accurate, goes further and is not affected by the wind near as much as a cone is. Helps keep you from getting sprayed along with the bad guy.


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