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Positive:  Ordered 2 cases of ammo on 2/14 (evening).  Shipment arrived on 2/16!  Now that's fast shipping!  Very comparable prices to other ammo vendors, but shipping was cheaper, making the overall price cheaper than others I could find. 

Negative:  Ammo was only in original box with all sorts of markings on the outside "1000 rounds ammuntion", "9mm", etc.  Anyone walking by my door (townhouse) would know what was sitting there.  Not only was there a couple thousand rounds of ammo sitting there, but now others may know there are guns in the house when I'm at work all day...  When ordering from other vendors, they would put the box inside of another unmarked box.  This is the way to go.

When I added the ammo can and code (to make it free), it increased my shipping by $ the ammo can wasn't free because my shipping went up.  I did not get the ammo can because of this.  This may be different in other areas...check this before you order!!

Overall positive experience.  I will likely order from BulkAmmo in the future if their prices are better than others.
I'm sorry you had an issue with the packing of the ammunition. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am looking into why that order went out without being boxed in a plain box.

If you have any issues please contact us at

Thank you for your order.

We had the same experience as far as the box marking is concerned. All of the boxes were in the factory boxes with the contents prominently displayed on the outside of the box. We placed a large order of several different calibers and 3 of the 4 boxes had been dropped by the delivery folks. We are working with your customer service to see about the issue of the damaged rounds. So far, so good. I emailed photos of the damages, so we'll be corresponding about it.

I really do think you might want to look at extra packaging for those 1000 round orders, though.

Follow up comment:

Just wanted to give a rousing thumbs up on how my issue was handled by BulkAmmo. Apparently, it is standard procedure to send the 1000 round cases in the original factory packaging. So, if you do not wish to have the contents visible on the packaging, you must request that before they ship to you.

As far as damaged deliveries, they use either FedEx or UPS and typically have no issues with damaged goods on arrival. In some areas, one or the other carrier will have an issue (maybe even just with a particularly careless driver -- who knows). After getting four dropped cases from the UPS delivery, they re-shipped the case that actually had damaged rounds inside via FedEx. It arrived in perfect condition and in a very timely fashion.

They were courteous to deal with and good about their communication. I have to say I highly recommend you deal with Bulkammo on your preps for defense.


I just placed my first order with them.


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