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Question for the mods: promotional materials and media for the site.

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Like many here, I've been referring my friends, family and co-workers to the website.  I've promoted a few of my sites in the past (mostly for work and a few political campaigns), and found that materials like business cards and bumper stickers really help to get the word out.  I would make laminated cards with the URL, logo, and some basic information, with a line on the back "If you liked this site, give this card to a friend".  It's pretty cool when you get your own card back, looking as though it's been held in a hundred wallets, and a casual acquaintance who didn't make the connection between me and the site says "Hey, you've gotta see this site".  Does anything like this exist that users can print out for distribution? If so, where can I get it? If not, would there be any objections to me making some up? When I'm listening at the office and someone asks "what are you listening to" it's easier to hand them a card, and then they remember the site's name.  I'd imagine a lot of people here get asked that question a lot.  Something you can print out saves some time.  What are your thoughts on this, and how would it play with the site's official position on promotion?

Hare of Caerbannog:
Here's a thread where this kind of this is discussed and a lot of ideas have been kicked around.

Hope that helps.

That helps a lot, Thanks.

we are considering putting together a monthly newsletter, too. would that be helpful?

I would love to see a newsletter.

I took the liberty of making up a sample card, as I may have done a poor job describing it. It's nothing special, but can be printed 8-up on an 8½x11 sheet of card stock, and is in greyscale so it will play nice with B&W laser printers.  Users could download the sheet pdf file, print them and cut out the needed cards.

Click the image to download the full 8-up sheet pdf. (5.6Mb, 8½" x 11" 300 DPI B&W)
It's not much to look at, but these cards can be very effective. 


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