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Hey, guys...  Figured we could use an intro thread.  Let's use this to introduce yourself if you're new and welcome those coming in.  =-]

I'm Dan and I'm a Software Developer living in Round Rock, TX.  33, Married, 2 kids (6 and 3).  I'm CHL and have some firearms experience, but no rifle experience yet (AR's almost fully built).  Still kind of new to the preparedness thing, but I have a working knowledge of what I need to get done and I'm taking weekly steps to get there.

I've been listening to Jack since around episode 10 or so.  Before listening to his prep podcasts, I was in a mad panic to "catch up", however after listening to his advice, I quickly shifted gears and am now doing a little bit each week.  I had been leery of his more political topics, but decided to give them a chance and I've been really glad I did.  So many people try to shove what they believe down other peoples' throats.  Jack doesn't do that and that helps his message even more IMO.

I'm glad all of you made it in here and I hope we can all help each other to get ready for the rough ride ahead!  =-]

EDIT: Others were talking about wife's support.  For me, she thinks I'm crazy, but she's willing to "play along".  She rolls her eyes at me when I buy something for preps, but I think she may start thinking I'm right about this stuff.  The Hurricane Ike aftermath, with my grandparents without power for 6 days may have opened her eyes to some things.  Also, her eyes used to glaze over when I mentioned economy stuff, but she's seeing enough of it in the news that she may actually be turning a corner.  That, and she didn't get upset when I bought silver without "permission".  lol

EDIT: Also, be sure to let us know if you are coming in from another survival-oriented board.  I'm coming from Zombie Squad myself.  =-]

Hey guys! I am Jeremy. I am a Development Manager in Austin, TX. ( I actually live in Cedar Park). I am 32 and married.

I am still pretty new to fire arms, but I am in the process of getting my CHL.

I am also new to Preparedness and like Dan before I found Jack's podcast I was, admittedly, paralyzed by the daunting task of starting from zero. Now I am working with my wife on a plan for 2009. I am hoping to set goals for several levels of preparedness and slowly day by day work or way towards meeting the goals. When I get my list together I will put it in a post.

Speaking of my wife she is, for the most part, on board. She agrees we should be prepared, but she's a worrier so she prefers not to think too much about "What if" scenarios. She's been a First Aid Kit nut for a long time ( I guess it goes along with the fact she is always hurting herself. ) so I am putting her in charge of the first aid kits and training.

-- Jeremy

Hi I have been into prepping since the id 80's and into primitive survivalism since the mid 70's.
Served with the USMC as an 0311on a mardet aboard an aircraft carrier. Good duty, it allowed me a lot of extra training and was able to do a few things that isn't exactly on the books.
Construction pays the bills around here but I consider myself to be a jack of all trades.

Patriot:Ex Machina:
Howdy Folks, I go by the handle of "Patriot Unknown".
 Im in my late 20's and have been into preparedness off and on since I was a teen. It's something my stepfather ( ex-Army) has burned into my brain, "Hope and pray for the best, but prepare for the worst".
My wife is about 80% on board with the "prepping" although she as accused me from time to time of "going a bit tin foil hat".
I found out about The Survival Podcast through the Hi-Point Forum . I've really enjoyed the show and it's become a staple of my daily "web surfing".
I work as a parts clerk at the local Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealership.
I've been using firearms since I was old enough to pick up a .22LR, but learning something new about them every day.
My firearm interests lean toward that of AR's AKs and Mosin Nagants as well as the SKS.
In my spare time I like to shoot (of course  :) ) read, and I love music. 
Just glad to be here.

Hey all, DrGonzo here from Seattle, WA.  I've been interested in preparedness from a pretty early age, starting with a long stint in the Boy Scouts.  I worked all the way up to Eagle Scout, and it set the framework for how I look at the world.  After a few years of college, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a 0612 Field Wireman and served with Field Artillery Unit in Iraq.  I've since been running a small satellite phone distribution and billing company in Seattle, all while trying to set up a new home, with a new fiance, and a finishing up my bachelor's degree.

I've been active on the Zombie Squad boards for the last couple of years, and they have been instrumental in opening my eyes to the preparedness community, which led me to Jack and his podcast.  Personal preparedness and disaster survival has gone beyond a hobby or paranoid activity for me, I'm actually considering going into the Emergency Management field as a career.  No, I don't want to work for FEMA!

I enjoy the outdoors, skiing, shooting (mostly long guns, but I don't hunt), exploring the local music scene, reading and films.  One of the most fun activities I've been involved in is the formation of a local Zombie Squad chapter, ZSC-005.  We've generated quite a bit of local interest, and we've been hosting meetings and events for the past few months.  It's amazing how many different types of people you meet who are interested in becoming more self-sufficient, be it the most hardcore 2nd Amendment defender, to the most die hard environmentalist.  The preparedness and disaster survival communities deal with issues that affect every person, not just supporters of a particular party, religion, or dogma. 

This is one of the main reasons that I enjoy Jack's podcasts so much, he's not a right winger or a left winger, or any of those labels we've been taught to apply to every person in America.  His point of view into what's really important in our country has made me take a harder look at my beliefs, and my view on how this country operates.  While I may not agree on every single point he makes regarding politics or our economy (it is, as he says, "one man's opinion"), he presents his opinions in such a way that you really have to take a hard look at what we're being spoon fed  by our "betters". 

Any Pacific Northwesters out there, shoot me a PM, we'll grab a beer and gripe about the world! 


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