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Best M-4 airsoft rifle for training

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My unit is currently doing room clearing training and will be while we prep for a deployment in August.  I'm looking for the best (for the price $100-$200) M-4 for realistic weight and feel.  I found one that I was looking at and was wanting some opinions from the experts.


How close is this DBoys in size and configuration to what you're actually using? The RIS adds a fair bit of weight. DBoys is a lower end Chinese made copy of the Tokyo Marui M4S System, which is plastic bodied, unfortunately and therefore lighter. If you're just looking for something to drill with, it's a decent gun for the price. Unfortunately, all airsoft Armalites suffer from the same dimensional issues. Primarily the hand grip is noticeably fatter than a real one due to stuffing a motor in it and the mags are about 1/2" shorter than real ones due to the gearbox inside the gun. Other than that, it "works", hefts and "feels" like an Armalite. The charging handle does slide back, but doesn't do anything functional other than open the hopup adjustment port. The bolt release does nothing, just for show.

If you want exact in every possible detail, a Systema PTW is what you want, but they're about x10 what you're wanting to pay. Weight, balance, heft, hand grip and mags are the same dimensions as the real ones but the charging handle does nothing.

I know Classic Arms used to make ones with metal receivers and a similar "feel" (both in weight and ergonomically) to the real deal.  But they are around $200-300 in most cases.

Classic Army. They're a standard maker, you can find 'em on Craig's List ..... sigh. I have one of the things. I got it from a gym buddy, kind of an impulse buy. It will probably go on Craig's List - the money's better spent *for me, I feel* on another pellet gun or some ammo or something.

This thread is pretty old but does anyone have any updates or recent experience with and economically friendly AR airsoft rifle for training? Under $300 for sure and preferably under $200? 
Brands or websites to look at?  I'll keep googling but love to hear from the forum members.


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