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Just bought myself this neat little lightweight monocular from Amazon for hiking/camping.
I already own a monocular but that's only got a fixed magnification of 6x, but this new one zooms from 8x to a whopping 25x.
The price of 77 GB pounds (98 US dollars) is a bit steep but I suppose that's the price we pay for high-qual miniaturised optical engineering, and it's a once in a lifetime purchase so what the heck, it's only money..:)
My only minor gripe is that you really need to rest it on something to avoid hand shake at its higher mag settings, and at high mags the image becomes duller because ye canna change the laws of physics captain..

PS- here in Britain (dunno about other countries) we can opt to have our Amazon purchases delivered to a nearby collection point (mine is the local post office) and we can pick it up from there in our own good time when Amazon emails us to tell us it's waiting.
The advantage of that is that porch pirates can't get it..:)


--- Quote from: Knecht on September 18, 2020, 06:57:52 PM ---Successfully tested some antique guns with my BP reloads.
Fixing my yurt that got damaged two winters ago. We don't live in it anymore, but it's a good bugout/vacation place to have.
Harvested some small but sweet pears that grow on an old tree here, which somewhat went wild again over the years. Cutting them into quarters and drying/lightly baking them in the oven. Hope to make a small supply of those for the winter.

--- End quote ---

Last weekend I've repeated much of the scenario, minus the BP shooting (no time). The yurt is almost complete (ready to build, with some minor work that needs to be done on a standing construction, plus some minor painting and other finishing).
Continued making those dried pears.
Also harvested some apples. Dug out couple horseradish roots to transplant them to our new home garden. Also transplanting a black rowan (bitter but edible, with certain medicinal value) and some siberian onions.
Getting used to my new job. Getting up at 4:40am is killing me, but I should make enough money to finish some of the most needed reconstruction projects on the house, improve my workshops (new floor in the wood shop, new chimney for the forgery, some new tools and machines....) and of course I also plan to invest some of it into new supplies and prepping. Hope to get some employee discount for bulk ammo from my employer, will see about that.

yesterday i finished a 4S2P lifepo4 powerpack and I am half done into the second one.
left off the 30A ampmeter for now cos i found the wiring too challenging...

Replaced wick in kerosene heater.w
Winter is coming

Love the GoT quote... and it is true.

I canned up 10 quarts of apples and bought another 1/2 bushel... still to be done.

DH built me a compost screen... I'm very happy!


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