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Sister Wolf:
Meet The Soldier Ant Team
Wondering who to turn to when you want to speak with a moderator or Admin privately?  Here is a list of all administrators and moderators of the forum.  If you click on any name, it will bring you to a Personal Message page, so that you can send that person a message without the rest of the forum interfering.  It does not matter who you PM, but try to PM somebody whose name you've seen on the board recently.  Some of our members are soldiers, and/or contractors and have the blessing of being sent away from the forum for (sometimes) months at a time to protect us, and do battle for us.  So if you've seen one of us posting away somewhere, feel free to PM us.  :)  Hope this helps!

ModernSurvival:  This is the man (Jack) himself.  He's very busy, but will help if you really need it.

DeltaEchoVictor (aka: DEV): (MO) Administrator.

Patriot: Ex Machina:  Administrator. I am in North Carolina

Archer: Administrator. I am in Southwest Washington

Sister Wolf (aka Sis or SW): Administrator.  I'm in Southern California & am married to The Wizard

The Wilderness (aka The Wizard or TW): Administrator - Southern California.

Mr. Bill: Administrator

Darkwinter: Global Moderator NE Ohio

Roswell (aka Ross): Global Moderator Geogria - Metro Atlanta

Serellan: Global Moderator

Roknrandy: Global Moderator

Mr. Blank: Global Moderator

Beetle: Global Moderator Hello from Oregon

HeavyG: Global Moderator I'm in western Washington state.

Swanson: Global Moderator

Spartan: Global Moderator   I am in Central PA, near Harrisburg.

Cold Haven (aka CH): Global Moderator

cohutt: Global Moderator In NW GA

Lvschant: Global Moderator

Truik: Global Moderator   I am near Dallas, Texas.

Bartsdad: Global Moderator     I'm in Minnesota,just north of the Twin Cities.

fritz_monroe: Global Moderator In Maryland

TwoBluesMama: Global Moderator

BerserkerPrime: Global Moderator

TexDaddy: Global Moderator

Docwatmo: Global Moderator


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