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My wife bought us a used Raven MPV for our backup generator

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The Raven MPV was a short lived Lowes exclusive Frankenstorm ATV, lawn mower, generator mash up that they couldn't get right. The generator charges a small 48v lead acid battery set. The actual drive system is all electric.

I love the thing. 19 hours on the engine,  looks to be from 2015. $400!

I have an electric start generator that I don't have to carry and that gets run frequently enough not to have gas problems.

Mine didn't come with the mower deck.  A disappointment, but it sounds like a lot of the electrical problems come from the mower, so maybe a blessing in disguise.

It was sold because it wouldn't drive reliably. The owner replaced the throttle peddle Assembly. On a hunch, I thought maybe it was batteries. I dropped the battery carrier, and the batteries are literally split apart at the cell seams.  I bought a set of way too small backup batteries from the local big box hardware store and it runs!  Just needed enough battery to anchor the generator so the electric drive would work.

I got new big batteries and am rebuilding the power pack. I am adding in a power monitor system for a solar system as I intend to run this mostly on battery. I've hilly terrain and its going to be hard on the small batteries.  I can simply fire up the engine to drive it and run it when I need to.

I also picked up a 48v battery charger for it. Electricity is cheaper than gas.  I will also eventually get a MPPT solar charger for it and charge it by solar.

The generator is only 110v so I am looking for a 110v single phase to 220v two phase transformer thingy so I can run my well pump.

Some Photos:


Battery Pack Rebuild
Original battery

Temporary undersized battery back

Trying to build the pack with wire and lugs which made it too tall so it wouldn't fit.

Adding a power monitor so I can see what the battery is doing. Also a temporary wire jumper to build the pack which doesn't work as the power sags really fast when the current starts to flow.

Mr. Bill:
That's actually pretty cool.  I like the idea of a drivable generator!


This weekend's attempt at getting the battery pack rebuilt ended as a dismal success. I can't drive under battery power as the voltage from the batteries collapses to about 15 volts. (I love having the meter now!) I think it's from the jumpers to make the 48v battery pack. The braids on the original battery pack aren't long enough for the new batteries as they are a different post style. I tried to make proper jumper cables with some @2 wire, but that ended up being too big. So I ran multiple smaller wires.

The main wires to the battery is marked as 16mm^2 - or 5 awg good for about 120ish amps. 12 awg wire is good for 40ish amps and 14 awg wire is good for 30ish amps according to a chart I was looking at (Yes, I know that's twice the current allowed to code, but I guess our 100% safety margin?).

So I ran multiple sets of wires to do the jumpering. I one I did one connection with connectors, the other I just formed the wire around the screws. I think the jumpers are way to light and aren't working for the power I am pulling.  Just my guess. Going t o do a thermal of the battery and see where it's heating up.

Battery cable style connections.

These stick out above the top of the battery. No good. Won't allow the battery to fit in it's spot under the machine.

The alternative connections which I think aren't allowing me to pull my power needed. We can see the 'factory' connection on the right connection, the flat braid.

I've ordered some braid which will be here in a week and a half (Gotta love amazon Prime, eh?)


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