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Sleep Apnea Power supply block hooked up to inverter question

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Prepper Rob:
Greetings young wiper snappers tech guys or tech guys who were always tired before they got there sleep apnea machine.

My wife and I have the same Resmed sleep apnea machine and on power supply block on both of them says the output voltage is DC +24=3.75A

When the electric power grid is taken out I plan on having in the bedroom a deep cycle 12 volt battery, inverter, a good surge protector power strip to plug both machines into.

In addition to this do I need a pure sine wave converter on my set up or will the power supply block not care if the voltage drops because it is converting it ?

What other idea do you Guys and Ladies have on this topic ?

Rob, Louisville Kentucky 

You might not need a PSW inverter since you’re running a transformer between an AC source and your DC machines and they usually do fine with MSW. Also, any inverter will compensate for the inevitable voltage drop from its source battery by increasing the amps used to maintain a constant AC output voltage.

Since your machines take a DC input, you might look into methods where you skip the inefficiencies inherent with converting DC to AC and then back to DC.  In that situation you could get an up converter to boost your single battery to 24V, which should be more efficient but will require you to wire it up with cables and connectors that fit your machines. You could also hook 2 batteries in series or look into whether ResMed has a turnkey solution for grid down situations, they have undoubtedly had to address this issue with other users.

Either way, your health is well worth spending the extra time and/or money to get it right, and make sure to test it out to get an idea how many nights you can go between charges.


--- Quote from: FreeLancer on December 22, 2019, 02:42:47 PM ---look into whether ResMed has a turnkey solution for grid down situations, they have undoubtedly had to address this issue with other users.

--- End quote ---

I found this pdf from ResMed on this subject, lots of good info and options here:

And to prolong the battery life during use, turn off the humidifier and hose heater function.

I have a 'solar generator' which has a 24v out specifically for sleep apnea machines.  Not a cheap device - ~$300. However I LOVE the thing.

I have a solar panel on the roof of my van and this 'solar generator' lives in my van. I charge so many things using it. It has 4 USB chargers, with two of them being high-speed chargers. A 110v 300 watt inverter, a 12v lighter plug.

It can charge off of solar, 12v lighter plug, or 110v AC.

It's a little magic box that just works and continues to work because I can charge it in all the ways.

It may be worth looking into one of these because they are handy in their own right, but because it has multiple charge methods, you can design and scale it to suit your needs. Want a solar panel? It just plugs in. Car charge? Easy. Wall charge? easy.


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