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Dabbling in wind power maybe..

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The winds are 5-10mph most of the day, each day, for the last week from 4am to 11 pm.
My needs will be small.. radio, laptop, lights.

Maybe down the road go hybrid solar/wind...  will be running a fridge, a freezer and a washer. Everything else will run off propane.

What do I need to accomplish this? Brands? What KW will I need? Is there a plug and play system? Inverter? How many 12 vt batteries? and all the questions I am not currently asking.

When I was in Canada, I had people I know who ran an entire 'normal' house, with the world's largest flatscreen, their entire shop with welders, and other shop type tools off their system and they were 40 miles from the nearest utility pole in northern BC.

What do I need to accomplish this? Do I need to acquire an electrical degree? Do I need to import TG for a week?

Thank you,

Ok.. found this..

A 1.5- kW wind turbine will meet the needs of a home requiring 300 kWh per month in a location with a 14-mile-per-hour (6.26-meters-per-second) annual average wind speed. My locale is more than that annual average.

It drops way low in July and August and picks back up, but maybe that is where the solar hybrid can work its way in?


I have not found a consumer level wind generator that was not HIGH MAINTENANCE as they are exposed and require motion to produce energy.Compare it to your auto which averages 2500 hours to run 100,000 miles...your wind generator runs THREE TIMES AS LONG EACH YEAR! Here is a bit of reading on the subject,while wind is good,it needs more care than a typical solar setup...

Solar is already better, cheaper, lower maintenance.

Size everything for solar, then add a small (relatively) low maintenance wind turbine for the weeklong cloudy spells. 

You need to build it to handle your storm peak wind speeds, which can get complicated.


--- Quote from: r_w on August 12, 2015, 05:36:58 AM ---Solar is already better, cheaper, lower maintenance.

--- End quote ---

I was initially thinking 100% solar, but I have more wind days than sunny days. Which is why I was considering hybrid. From what I have been reading, you only maintenance a wind generator once a year?



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