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My Husband of 18 years Died VERY Suddenly -totally unexpectedly, Help...

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That's terrible news, my wife and I would like to extend condolences for your loss.

Morning Sunshine:
I am sorry, I can only imagine the grief and pain you must feel.

My first suggestion is to make a list.  Doesn't matter how crazy or out there the thought, write down places that you can go.  Even add those crazy messed-up brothers-in-law.  Because as you write down all the (even out-there) suggestions, your brain will start adding more.  And one of those will NOT be crazy and undoable.

make another list - why you and Ed relocated to Missoula in the first place.  All the reasons you two believed this was going to be a good landing place.  This may help you find ways you can survive there.

I will add you to my prayers, if that is not offensive to you.

ps - may I also suggest you tell your brother in law that the grief is still raw, and you will not be making any decisions on personal effects for at least 6 months.  At that time he can contact you if you have not already.  That may help with keeping their demands out of your hair.

Everyone has given you good advice... You may also want to contact someone to see what rights you have in that State.  You may be able to live in a travel trailer. If you do not have a tow vehicle, that is OK, I got mine moved around by a company which specialized in moving trailers and RV's.

I too am also saddened by your news. Each day you will get a little stronger. And as long as you remember him, he is not really gone.


Mr. Bill:
I'm very sorry for your loss.

--- Quote from: Duchesssammi on May 23, 2015, 07:06:51 PM ---...Doesn't anything willed to my husband automatically go to me his surviving spouse. ...

--- End quote ---

It depends on the exact wording of the will.  I know you don't have money to spare at present, but you'll probably need a lawyer to sort this out.


--- Quote from: Mr. Bill on May 23, 2015, 10:23:21 PM ---I'm very sorry for your loss.

It depends on the exact wording of the will.  I know you don't have money to spare at present, but you'll probably need a lawyer to sort this out.

--- End quote ---

Exactly. It will vary by state, but USUALLY if something is willed to a person, and that person dies, it will go to whomever was the closest next of kin, which if they were married, that is the spouse, unless the property was again willed by that person to someone.

However, the property is usually transferred rather quickly, and you stated he would inherit it when he turned 55, so there is already some none standard stuff going on. If you want to protect your interests, you need to get a lawyer, preferably one who specializes in probate matters. And don't delay, some states have a time window during which these matters can be contested, some as short as 90 days.

My mother lost her roughly $2.5M inheritance (along with my aunt, uncles, me, and my siblings and cousins),  due to a crooked step-mother, a corrupt lawyer, and not contesting a will in time. (Which happened to be signed and dated while my grandfather was in a coma)


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