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Favorite Concealed holster?


What's the best concealed holster you've found?  I'm looking for a holster for my Glock 42 and trying to decide what to order.  I never wear belts so that's out for me.  This has good ratings but I don't want to deal with that many hooks!

I've been leaning towards a shoulder holster.

What have you tried? What are the pros and cons of those holsters and what would you recommend?

I was just shown this one today.
I have not tried it but I'm thinking it might be a good option.  I'm not much for belts either. 

I ended up getting the one I posted.  It would work for some situations but overall I don't find it comfortable enough to wear for more than 30 minutes at a time.  It is similar to the one you posted.  I'm going to have to keep looking I guess!  There aren't a lot out there for the Glock 42 yet.

I lucked out. My husband makes holsters and I am his female test subject, lol.  Right now I use one similar to this but in black carbon fiber.

I can wear it clipped to my pants without a belt but I prefer the extra security of a belt. I wear it with dress cloths and a sweater or jacket over it if its cold out. If its hot I just untuck my shirt. It is in the waistband but I also have some OWD that cover just fine with a shirt, but it DOES require a belt.


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