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This is a question for women that carry concealed, in a holster (on-body).  I want to enhance the reviews on www.hanks-holster-review, to include some input from the other 50% of the population  :)  To that end, I need some contributors that would be willing to try a holster, take a few pictures (see the site at for what we are talking about, nothing inappropriate and we don't even show faces) and write a review in a similar format to the others.  We will take care of putting the pictures and text up.  Keeping with the whole theme of giving stuff away, you will get to pick a holster that you want to try, and have us pay for it.  It will get shipped to you and you get to keep it after your review.  So I don't go bankrupt, I'll limit this to 3-5 participants for now.  Just respond to this post or DM me with a paragraph of why you think you can help.  Remember that the goal is to find a holster that will fill the needs of women with your body-type (again, keeping with the theme of my site).  If you already have one that you love, then you could review that one.  I will re-reimburse you for the purchase price.  I just want to help everyone to find a holster that works.  It took so long to find one that worked for me!  Please let me know if you are willing to help and check out the holsters we are giving away so far.  Thanks!

The Professor:
I spoke to Mrs. Professor and she'd be willing to do it.

FWIW, she's a 17-year IPSC/USPSA competitor, is a Charter member of the IDPA, shoots 3-gun, has attended Gunsite and Thunder Ranch (TX), is a daily concealed carrier and it quite literate.

She is, however, very opinionated.  Just FYI.

The Professor

That's awesome, Professor!  Thanks for the support!  I will DM you with my email, so we can take this offline.

Hi!  Just joined the forum so I could learn more about dehydrating foodstuffs and found this forum for women and then saw the conceal/carry and holsters and...I couldn't resist!!!!

I am a larger woman at around 180 pounds, 5' 5" and I have a can-can holster that I absolutely LOVE!  It's an adjustable waist holster that you can wear at the waist like a cinch or slip it down lower onto the hips.  Very "expandable."  It holds up to 3 guns and has pockets for at least 2 magazines, although 1 gun and 2 magazines is about all I'd ever want to carry.  lol  I'd love to tell all about it because it works so well for me.  YMMV.   ;)


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