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Motivating my wife

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My wife is comfortable with my prepping but doesn't exactly share my concerns. My reasoning makes sense to her but she can't imagine things falling apart economically or socially. As I see it, she suffers from normalcy bias. She believes that everything will carry on as it always has.

Do you all know of any videos or other materials that might raise her level of concern? I don't wish to frighten her. Rather, it would be great if we could work as a team in preparing for the future.

welcome to the forums teutonus! i would suggest checking out the 'flip that spouse' thread here:

there is a lot of good info and suggestions in the thread.

if she's OK with you prepping i'd say you're doing better than a lot of folks. i would stay the course, and use soft examples when they seem appropriate, but don't force feed her anything, that will only hurt your efforts.

As far as "raising her concern" goes, tread with caution. When people get all up in my face about society collapsing and all hell breaking loose, I just dismiss them as fringe nutjobs. I can tell you that as a woman, who is in a long-term relationship and whose boyfriend got into prepping first, your statements above come off as a bit condescending. I'm sure it is not meant that way. It's just the way they are written. You can't make someone to change their entire belief system by showing them videos and books. As TWH pointed out, it may end up having the opposite effect that you desire.

Over the last few months, I've come to realize that I was always a "prepper"; I enjoy being able to do things for myself without help from anyone. I generally don't trust people that provide my food, work on my car, fix my computer, or handle my money. Some of it I'm willing to accept as necessary evil, other parts I'm working towards self-sufficiency.

I needed to come to that conclusion of my own volition, or at least what I think is my own volition :P If she's already on the bandwagon, so to speak, she'll need to come to her own conclusions. I would say that gentle nudging coupled with calm, open discussion is the key. Be prepared to listen to her point of view, and take it into consideration instead of dismissing it.

Independence and self-reliance have always been American traits (up until recently).  Prepping is the embodiment of that spirit.  I doubt you are going to be able to "flip" someone who can't see what is happening. 

299 Days is the best book I have read so far.  Lights Out is the other one.  One Second After would be the third.  You might try watching the Nat Geo movie, American Blackout with her.  It is only 1 1/2 hrs if you watch it on Youtube. 

Let us know how it goes.

I second reading flip that spouse.

Honestly, what got my husband on board was a series, over several years, of small personal emergencies that necessitated relying on my preps.

I think it helped that I don't push and every prep he ever questioned I had a sane response for, something a logical person would accept as not weird.  "I've already put the grill away for the year, why did you buy more fuel?"  Last year, we lost power for 36 hours, fuel was nowhere to be found locally, this year, I'd like to be able to cook if that happens.  Worst case scenario, it's there for next summer.  "Oh, that makes sense."  Baby steps.


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