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Polo Shirts?

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I'd be interested, possibly in a couple (if there are multiple colors available).

- Athletic/dri-fit fabric please
- TSP logo would be cool, the ant logo would also be awesome if you did 2x
- ~$30 is my preferred cap per shirt, I could do $35, but if it hit $40, it'd have to be pretty awesome
- If only one color: black
- Other colors: grey/coyote/green
- Embroidered.


--- Quote from: thewarriorhunter on February 21, 2014, 12:33:29 PM ---oh, and i know it's more, but a stitched design would be preferable to a printed design.

--- End quote ---

Concur... stitched is the way to go.


--- Quote from: cartpusher on February 20, 2014, 06:06:58 AM ---I am thinking of doing a run of polo shirts this Spring.  It would be pre-order.  We would take orders for a couple of weeks, and then run all the shirts, and ship them out.    Is there still much interest in this? 

What we need to decide is what type of artwork do you want on the shirt?

What style and fabric shirt do you want?

--- End quote ---

I would buy at least two and if you do more than one design I would buy 4 or more!
Fabric should be something light weight and the price $30 or under.
The logo that I would like to see would be something based off of Jack's Sentinel coin.
That's my take on it.


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