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Overlooked Preps for Ladies

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I'm addicted to the Suave coco butter hand lotion because it smells like chocolate.  For face and other areas, virgin coconut oil works great.


I have never understood how a "Go-Girl/Lady J female urine diverter" would be practical (it seems sooo unhygienic) unless you would want to pose as a man (I get that in some situations you would want that, atleast i a weary populated area but when you need to do the other thing you need to "sit down" anyway

and well, I wouldn't care about a nailfile if the shit hits the fan, you can keep your Nails short with a knife.


--- Quote from: OutWestTX on September 11, 2013, 10:37:04 AM ---I think sturdy footwear is another one.  Most women I know do not own a good pair of work boots. 

--- End quote ---
As I'm changing my oil today, this reminded me of a similar one: a good pair of work pants. I have 2 pairs of these Carhartts. They're pricey and hard to find, but have been indispensable to me. Most Carhartt dealers can special order them if they're not in stock (which they never are).

Along with that, a good quality, full set of hand tools is invaluable, especially if you live alone. Best graduation gift I ever got (thanks, dad).

I just use these at home or in the forest
one good thing is to have different seizes, both so that you can have extra clothes under for when it's Cold and for when you go up or down in weight (both me and my husband have a "summer weight" and a "Winter weight" because you loose alot of weight in the summer working since almost all work is in the summer.

oh wool clothing is important if you live in a Cold climate too but that goes for both man and women

Frugal Upstate:
while I know that some men sew, and many women don't, traditionally sewing (and mending) is considered an art practiced by the woman of the home.  With that in mind, and already knowing how to sew, one of the preps I've been working on is to secure basic patterns for shirts, pants etc for children, women and men.  It seems like something that if you got to the point where you actually really needed them they would be hard to find. 

I picked up quite a few at Joann Fabrics on "pattern sale days"--in the process finding that there are almost NO patterns these days for boys or men anymore, and you can't find a lingerie pattern unless you go online (Kwiksew has bras).  But I also found a Canadian company Jalie that has patterns where the sizes included run from a size 2 toddler all the way up to a woman's 22 in a single pattern--something like 27 sizes for each pattern I think.  Of course you'd have to trace the pieces before using them in order to preserve the pattern, but for around $15 US each I thought they were a good prep to have.  I got a coat, basic jeans, t-shirts (which included 4 different necks and 3 sleeve lengths) and one other kind of shirt. 

Here's an example of the jeans pattern:  Jalie Stretch Jeans pattern 2T-22Womens

I've also been stocking up on a bit of extra thread, needles, sewing machine needles and buttons


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