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Back to the original question.  If it was just you and your 13 year old daughter, and you feared she might wind up on her own if you die, how would you prepare her for that possibility?

What would you explain to her, aside from basic survival skills?  She has big physical & emotional changes on the way as her body matures.  She can't afford to make mistakes in this environment like the ones commonly made by teens today.  Getting pregnant at the wrong time in this setting could mean the difference between life and death, for instance. Ditto with a bad choice of boyfriend.

In this situation, what do you explain to her and how do you go about explaining it so she'll have a fighting chance if you die?

Oil Lady:

--- Quote from: mangyhyena on August 29, 2013, 08:02:10 AM ---What would you explain to her, aside from basic survival skills? 

--- End quote ---

Disguise yourself as a boy, and work very hard at getting away with this illusion for as long as possible --months or even years if need be.

Here Again:
Agreed, I'd likely council my daughter to dress and act as a boy (within reason).  I would be keeping my eyes open looking for another "mentor" for my daughter (assuming I knew my death was coming).

She'd need to hide her monthly flow, how are you planing for her to "deal" with that?  Are there store open from which products can be purchased?  $ from ??  Aunt have a stash of fabric to make needed supplies?  Someone teach her about moss and wool? etc.

In the generations before bras were available, women bound their chest.  She will need to learn how to do this to make herself more flat chested pull off the "I'm a boy" ruse.  Nothing gives away a girl trying to be a boy like a bra line.

You said the aunt won't have much "survival" knowledge, then some one will need to come along and teach this girl something that will allow her to feed herself - either a skill to sell/ trade, foraging, etc. 

Character's name.....Euro-Asian....."too American" for her parents' taste....first thought was Emma.

My biggest critique of some of the prepper fic I've read is that the females are very two dimensional.  It's almost like prepper dudes have never met a real girl before.  *snark*

Have you read/seen Walking Dead?  The comic has most of the women written really poorly and they tend to just be these poor dependent creatures that who are always falling down when running and dumb stuff like that.  The writers on the show have done a much better job of making these characters more believeable (take Carol or Maggie for instance).  However, going too far the other direction is equally jarring (Michonne).  Now I'm ok with your characters screwing up or not knowing things, but make that equal please?  Especially if your main characters are kids. 

So if I found myself in the aunt's place, the first thing I'd teach my niece would be to kill a threatening adult male and ask questions later.  Females are always victimized in WROL scenarios and a sex worker would know that.  I'd teach her to be suspicious and cold as soon as possible.

I'd also teach her that sometimes doggies and kitties are food.  I'd teach her that hygiene is life.  I'd teach her to put caches in places in case she were robbed.  I'd teach her how not to be tracked. 

Now as for the stuff I think you're really asking about, look up something called glad rags.  They are a throwback to the old cloth style of feminine pad.  They are bulky and take forever to air dry, but would probably be the most useful piece of feminine hygiene equipment you could have in that sort of scenario.

Also, I wouldn't worry overly much about things like yeast infections.  Those are usually aggravated by an overindulgence of sugar intake and often stem from a lack of male hygiene, if you know what I mean.

You know what would suck?  If you wore contacts.  Why don't we ever hear about someone who has a problem that would be minor in today's world but a huge hairy deal in TEOTWAWKI? 

don't forget to give your young female characters moods they can't explain either.  And I would caution you against glossing over too many of the harsh realities.  I don't think you do readers a favor by rescuing them every time something bad is about to happen to your characters.  If you're uncomfortable putting it into words on the page either because you don't want to go there yourself or because your intended audience is too young, lead them to the scene then drop it and let them fill in the blanks.  How someone deals with something horrifying is part of what real life, especially in the horrible times, is kind of about.

Good luck trying to get a 13 year old girl to dress/act like a boy. 13 year old girls are very proud of their blossoming bodies and trying to get them to cover them up or bind their chests would be one hell of a problem, even in a survival situation. It wouldn't be until something happened that you could convince her, even then you would have trouble, teens think they are indestructible remember!

How willing she would be would depend how she viewed the way men treate her Aunt. If she wants power over men she would want to use her body to its best advantage, she would see the way her aunt uses hers. Just a thought.

I have three teenagers and I teach them self defence, how to grow a garden, set traps and snares, dress game, identify edible plants, and how to use medicinal herbs. Basic in field stuff spit poultices, laying on leaves etc.

Girls are not going to use reusable pads until all disposable sources have run out. I myself use reusable pads - rad pads and my girls want no part of it.

Just my thoughts.

Good luck with the book, it sounds interesting.



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