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Post apocalypse women and girls

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Oil Lady:

--- Quote from: janinec on January 26, 2014, 07:27:11 PM ---Good luck trying to get a 13 year old girl to dress/act like a boy. 13 year old girls are very proud of their blossoming bodies and trying to get them to cover them up or bind their chests would be one hell of a problem, even in a survival situation. It wouldn't be until something happened that you could convince her, even then you would have trouble, teens think they are indestructible remember!

--- End quote ---

I think you are describing girls who have been raised in a safe and loving environment, raised to be at ease with their identities as well as their bodies, raised to be confident and optimistic and generally positive about the world and their place in it. 

One good scare or trauma will easily wither such a blossoming young lady into resorting to almost anything. Seeing one of her friends come home half dead from the kind of a rape that could very well happen in a land WRoL would do it for most girls. 

Yes I totally agree with you Oil Lady, as I said most teens think they are indestructible and it takes something major to shift that.


Hi Mangyhyena, I'm just going to suggest that for this girl, it's going to be the relationships and values that are passed to her that are the most important.  Girls in their pre-teen and teen years are very concerned about having friends and fitting in.  What will her social life look like post apocalypse?  Who was she in school before then?  A sports kid?  A kid with not much direction?  A teacher's pet?  What was her home life like and what were her parents like?  Was she being raised well before things changed?  Did she have other role models before things changed, like a favorite teacher or coach or best friends? a beloved pet?   What were her achievements and failures and early life lessons?  Did she like to read?  Is she capable, is she outgoing or shy?

So much more to it than the puberty stuff.  Make her a deep character.

I would think a young person is more fearful and unsure than an adult that has more experience.  Kids make mistakes and they don't know what they don't know.


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