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I was cleaning out my NSAMail Gmail and I randomly hit 299 unread emails. BLAM! It immediately made me want to come say a couple of things to the community:

1. Heavy G rocks, buy his book even if it's just to throw on the shelf and maybe hand someone else to read and get 'em hooked on doing the right thing for themselves, our communities, and our world. I understand that those of us from Arkansas and Mississippi might not be able to actually read it for ourselves, but we have Louisiana to help us :)

2. Last night I interviewed Kelly Gendrou who runs Survival Gear Bags/TSP Gear Shop (that's JOHN-DREW not JOHN-DOE Jack... though you may just be busting his chops). He, like the heaviest of the alphabet letters, rocks as well. As a community, we should support these guys who are helping get the word out that we all need to make a change in our life. I'm asked once a week about the "Who is John Galt" sticker in my office. Why am I not being asked the same about my sentinel sticker? Because I haven't bought one yet... $4. Shame on me.

So this is a completely unrequested, unsolicited kick in the shorts to me and everyone else around here. Let's see if we can break Kelly's hosting service with orders and support Glen, Patrick (, and all the other members of the community who are doing their part to provide things we want. Even if it costs us a few extra bucks to shop with them. Bucks which you can save if you go get the discounts on the MSB page first.

Note: This isn't intended to be a rant. I like yelling at myself in my head like a drill instructor. I'm really a very chill guy. So after following the above ORDER, sit back, relax, and have a great weekend. JUST KIDDING, there's prep work to do! :)

Angus - Thanks for the kind words.  I enjoyed speaking with you, and it helped me to have to answer some of your questions.


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