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conceal carry vest & clothes.

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Well ladies I found this  I love this Hoover vest Also the cape Jaffa Vest.  The pockets are huge.  Pleanty of room to carry what you need.  They are long enough if you like your rump covered at least some what.  Worth checking out.  I can tell you the web pics do not do this justice. 

You don't even have to leave the vest zipped.  Everything is concealed with the vest or jacket open.    Hubby got one the Kelly Vest and loves it. 

Those do seem like nice vests although any experience I've had with a conceal carry vest is that even though they are made for conceal carry they tend to "flap/flop" open due to the weight of a gun.  These seem like they might be made a little nicer but I'd really want to see one first. If you get one please let us know what you think.  Because the weather has been cold I've been wearing just a regular medium weight corduroy vest over a long sleeve henley or tee and wearing my gun holstered on my hip.  The other day weather was warm so wore a tank top tucked into jeans, gun on hip and lightweight denim shirt buttoned over it all.  Went to Walmart and nobody noticed.  Felt just a little safer in this very crazy world. 

Thanks for the post!!

I did get one and it's great.  Stays closed even when mucking stalls chopping wood and other outside chores.  The gun and all the other stuff I carry stays good and snug up close to the body side of the pocket.  No flopping at all.  The shoulder seams are extra heavy so your vest is not weighted down to one side.  That keeps it from hanging funny with added weight.  But of course it is a vest and the vest does move.  It is not like wearing a tight holster on your body.  But I think a good alternative for those that can't wear a holster on their body. 

I want to get a few more over time.  The one I got Hoover  is very very warm and will be good for the colder/cooler months.  Which here can be about 9 months out of the year.  Oh to have one with all the pockets! (looks like a fishing vest with all the small pockets on the front)  It would be like carrying a hardware store where ever I went LOL.   I do love pockets. 

Thanks for the reply - may have to put one on my wish list for birthday or perhaps the Blues could be persuaded to buy Mama one for Mother's Day. LOL!  Blessings,TBM

Just an up date on these vests. 
  When hubby went out to chop wood and put up fencing he carried his S&W 357 magnum 6"  Bigger than what is you recommended to carry in the vest.  He wanted to see how it would work.  Glad to report that not one time while he was working was there any flopping or catching on any thing.  The vest kept the gun close to his body without getting in the way.  Even when he unzipped the vest all was secure.    I was working side by side with him and I never even noticed he had it in his vest.  WE are very impressed.  Just thought I would let you know. 

 I can't recommend these highly enough.   Especially for me being a short woman it is much more comfortable to carry with this vest than a holster.  I can work bend an move with no problems.  With a holster often times I would just take it off because it would restrict my movements to much.  Also still loving the huge pockets.  Haven't gotten rid of my purse 100% but it is much much lighter now that I can carry stuff in the vest pockets.

  I can see I will have to purchase a few more of these.  Hubby has his eye on some more of these too. 


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