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Similar to a wind belt.


I came across a video on YouTube that showed a novel way to harvest wind energy.  Stupidly, I didn't immediately copy the link, thinking I could find it again easily.  Well, I can't find it.  Thankfully, it is simple enough to explain.  It should also be a simple matter to DIY for very little money, if you like.

The setup is a ferrous wire (wire that will stick to a magnet) strung either vertically or horizontally.  A fixed magnet is placed near the wire, close enough so the wire is within the magnet's field.  A fixed coil is placed close enough to the magnet so it is also within the magnet's field.  Lastly, a plastic flag is attached to the wire so it can flap in the wind.

The flapping flag vibrates the wire.  The vibrating wire causes the magnet's field to vibrate as well.  The coil produces electricity from the vibrating magnetic field.

If anyone can find that video on YouTube, please post the link.

This works almost exactly the same way an electric guitar pickup works.  In the video, they put the magnets and coils in a plastic container that resembled an egg carton.  Magnets went on one compartment, coils in the compartment next to it, wire close enough to the container to work the magnets.  The flag on the wire was not close to the container.  There were at least 3 magnets and 3 coils in the container and the wire looked to be 3 or 4 feet long.

This is not meant to output anywhere near what a wind turbine does.  It is just a simple, cheap way to charge batteries.  Or, it's a simple, cheap experiment for fun.

I've got a Tupperware egg holder I'll use to hold the magnets and coils, and I've already got steel wire.  I'm pretty sure I can make a plastic flag.

Hopefully, I'll be able to set this up as a pulse charger, similar to the Bedinnii/Bearden pulse charger.  The circuits for that are available online.

I have no idea how much or little electricity this setup will provide or how many would be needed to produce a usable amount.  I'll experiment with wire length, number of magnets/coils per wire, and size of flag.  But, that's half the fun.

If any of you play with this, please post details.

I hope the following info is sufficient?



Thanks for the links.

I should have followed up on this sooner.  I set it up and it did indeed generate electricity.  I still need to measure the output.  It lights an LED when the flag is flapping, but I haven't played with this setup enough to give any useful info about output.  It is cheap & easy to set up, but I'm not sure what it would best be used for.  One thing I want to try when I get a long enough wire is to run it up the flagpole with the plastic flag near the top and see if it will do better.  I'm thinking the flag will be working higher while the power output will remain at ground level, so that seems like an advantage.

I'm trying out wind levers at this point, which I believe will produce useful amounts of power.  They should produce a lot more power than this vibrating wire.

Hello. I'm new here.

 I believe this is what you were looking for.  It shows lots of photos, too.  Nice site with much information.


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