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What do you keep in your BOB (Bug Out Bag) & Why?

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Been thinking about an interesting survival "bag" concept lately. There are tubular plastic cases for Swedish mortar grenades available. The cases are durable, watertight, do float with 2kg load inside and they can be attached one to another indefinitely (with a carry handle on the first one). The inner space of the tubes is 74x330mm. I've been thinking about building a survival kit with these, placing, say, tools in one, firestarting stuff in another, medical stuff in third, etc. Depending on the situation, one could pick the necessary tubes and connect them to have just what he needs at the moment, leaving the other ones behind (in the camp, in car, etc.). I realize one would be dragging lots of unnecessary plastic around, but on the other hand, you can always take out the inhalt and leave the tube as well. Plus, each of the tubes can be used as a water container.
What do you folks think of this concept?

too complicated, too eye-catching.

but i would do that for bug out ammo. for a mix and match convenince.

Using them for ammo also crossed my mind, though I'm not sure if I wouldn't rather take filled magazines instead of the tubes.
Not quite sure what to use them for, or whether actually buy them, they just looked too interesting to pass.


--- Quote from: Beetle on November 30, 2008, 09:19:01 PM ---I got my wifes BOB done today. My background is in SAR so it is probably oreinted that way. Please feel free to critique or make suggestions.

Stuff laid out:

Contents of pack:

Knife- K bar type
2 flex cuffs
1 pack Wet wipes
Whistle/ Match holder/ Compass w strike anywhere matches
Cheap rescue blanket
triangular bandage
Oregon road map
Esbitt stove w/ extra Tabs.
2 "D" Maglite
1 "AA" mini maglite
2 extra "D" Batt.
Crystal light for bottled water
Surgical gloves 2 pair
2 N95 masks
1 heavy duty Rescue blanket
2 BIC Lighters
2 boxes windproof matches
6 "AA" Batts.
10 Yrds.duct tape wrapped around bottle
Tarp 6'x8'
Rubber Rain jacket w/ hood
1 pair Wool socks
5 Mountain house meals
1cardboard windscreen  See link
1 Fleece blanket
Heavy winter Gloves
Wool hat
Leather work gloves
1 Yasaeu 2 meter VX 170 ham handheld radio w/ weather channel
1 FRS radio
Metal cup
Hi visibilty safety vest
6 bottles water
Heavy coat w/ hood

--- End quote ---

Some things I would change:

ditch 6x8 tarp and add a tube tarp
delete the leatherman ( weight vs utility)
10 feet of duct tape rather than 10 yards
lifeboat food brick rather than Mt. House
Ditch the D cell maglite/ add another small AA with long lasting firefly/moonlight mode)
Ditch fleece blanket add another emer blanket w/grommets
add a couple of lifestraws, water filter pump( msr miniworks)
basic first aid items ( pressure bandage, wound closures, self adhering gauze etc)
digging tool , 32oz nalgene bottles, eye protection


Lesson Learned...  In the bug out/car bag, use powder type IB Profin and not the liquid gel type.  Longevity.


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