Author Topic: Fun Camping in 50MPH+ winds! (or how to fix your trailer when the SHTF)  (Read 1958 times)

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Last week we had some tremendous winds around Lake Erie in NE Ohio. I didn't get much sleep and checked the weather on my phone several times looking for tornado warnings, but I made it through the tough stuff...until about 6:38 AM where I said, "**** it I've had enough, I'm not going to get any more sleep."

So, I gather my stuff for the shower at the campground, and open the door...

LOL I opened the door and heard a distinctive "bang/thump/cant describe the sound" but I knew it was bad. I looked around and couldn't determine exactly what happened, so I proceeded to go out the door...

Well, I tried to shut that damn door and it just wouldn't close! This is starting to sound like a Johnny Cash song. I looked at the trailer from the outside and then my stomach dropped a little. "Oh S---."

(The problem, as I would discover later, was that one side of the rear of the trailer had collapsed due to rotting wood in the trailer which was due to rainwater leaking in, a problem I've known about for at least 2 years. Aside - tarp your trailers in the winter, and fix leaks pronto.)

About this time, I figured I wasn't going to sleep anymore and getting to work early for once would be a good thing, so I left the door open and went about my business.

I came back from the shower and finished up getting ready for work in the still very strong wind. Went to leave, and I couldn't close the door, so I slammed the ------ shut and set off for a long day.

Well, I stopped by Lowe's and bought some concrete blocks, a few varieties, and then stopped by the gas station to pick up a 12 pack for my neighbor and I. He helped me implement my idea, and the thing is good as used, now! (One friend of mine on Facebook told me to drive it down the road like I love my friends.)

The fix in progress:


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