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From turnout bags to fluids, bandages or whatever...if it can be legally purchased.

List 'em if you've used 'em, preferably with a link to their website.

I'd like this to be a central location to help folks equip themselves.

The Fishin Magician:
Tactical Medical Solutions --
Great products. I'm a happy repeat-customer of theirs. They also have a great video download section and blog that's well worth checking out.

The Fishin Magician:
Chinook Medical Gear--

This is another place that I've ordered from, and been pleased with the selection, prices and service.

Lab Safety Supply   lots of medical supplies for offices/EMT/police/Govt

I buy all sorts of crap from

And bountree is a reputable medical supplier.

Also Galls.

Really, though, most of my gear I purchased in person from a medical supply store. The same type of stores that sell wheelchairs and stuff.


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