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Small Manual Transfer Switch Ideas?


Looking for a 120V 20A (minimum) transfer switch to go between my Honda E2000 and 2000W inverter/battery bank.  Surely there is something out there that is simple and manual?

I've used this 6 circuit model with a larger generator and the power company supply. I've used it a few times (lucking testing only) and it works fine. My wife had no issues using it also.

It is not obvious unless you look at the manual, but you need to supply the wire from the small outlet box (that the generator plugs into) to feed the transfer switch. Makes sense cause they don't know how far a wire run you need. Also, you may need a different plug/plug box depending on your generator.

If your solar inverter is your sole power supply, that feeds your panel, it should wire up exactly like the instructions, as the transfer switch is supposed to go between the panel and the house wiring. If you have power company + inverter + generator, it should still work, I'd just like to see more details before suggesting how to wire it.



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