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Can you can meat that has been frozen?

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--- Quote from: Greekman on July 30, 2020, 11:43:25 AM ---This si a good chance to ask...

Why do they say you cannot re-freeze thawed food.
I tend to believe that this is for the chance of harmful bacteria developing during the thawing process

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Harmful bacteria, could happen I suppose. I've done this in the past with thoroughly thawed meat and probably will in the future. My readings indicates that if there are ice crystals still in the meat it is OK.

Can anyone tell me if the meat should be thoroughly covered for long term storage? I followed the directions for raw pack chicken drumsticks and it said not to add any broth before processing, but I may have not put enough pieces in each can to allow enough self made broth. So half of the meat is not covered. Should i use the meat soon? Or would it still last long term in dry storage? 


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