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Tornadoes on the ground in Dallas and Tarrent County Texas.

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Sorry.. that is longer than I thought, but just in case someone needed info NOW.

Getting alot of info off the Am. radio station at
Road closures, tornadoes touching down and more.

All cell phones and other communications in the south part of DFW area are non-existant the Ham guys are saying.


I hope that everyone is alright!

All is quiet here now. Thanks for everyone's good thoughts. My family came through much better than some folks.

The hail was pretty vicious here for about 30 minutes. Most of the hail we got was golf ball size, although one of my boys found one hailstone almost as large as a tennis ball.  It was the largest, longest hail storm I have seen in the 40 years I have lived in the DFW area.

Checking in. We are ok. Some damage to a few building and businesses here in Mesquite. It is eerily quiet right now.


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