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Byron, IL nuke plant


Anybody else just get an email from Steven Harris regarding the Byron, IL nuke plant losing electrical power and emitting non-hazardous levels of Tritium particles?

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I'm 200-250 miles SW in KC, and's map seems to indicate the predominate wind is SW to NE, putting me almost directly up-wind. 

Dont worry everything is fine. If a hazardous amount is released they can just adjust the recommended safe exposure level accordingly.

I was hoping someone would post about this.

I'm a couple states over at least, but still a bit concerning. The second article you linked mentioned tritium is "relatively short-lived" - which wikipedia says is still over 12 years half-life (granted it's a week or two in a human). Not the worst thing by any means, but it can't be doing nothing.

Although the cynic in me wonders how much of that email was marketing, with the number of links to AlertsUSA and its partnership with USH2.

Sadly its not the first time that an Exelon plant in the state of Illinois has had a problem concerning radioactive Tritium leaks. Their nuclear plant in Braidwood (south of Joliet) supposedly suffered leaks of Tritium from its transfer pipes and dumped the radioactive material in the Kankakee River in 1996, 1998, and 2000.  As of 2012 there is still debate as to if any health risks exist seeing as how the level of Tritium is still below the acceptable levels of 20,000 picoCuries per liter.

San Onefro plant in CA seems to have had a similar incident.


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