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Solar Blast Heading Our Way

"M-class flares are capable of causing brief radio blackouts near the poles as well as minor radiation storms, but it's unlikely that this one will disrupt communication or power transmission networks."

It's probably nothing to worry about, just a heads up.

Mr. Bill:
Some links:

NWS Space Weather Prdiction Center

Very cool animation showing the forecast blast as it passes through the solar system.

Thanks for the heads up.  Have a question.  Solar storms hits big. (Not so big that it takes the whole grid down) So it can mess with our electrical stuff.  So if you unplug like say TV computer and so on Dose that help keep it safe?  Or are those things only affected if they are on and running.   yeah I get that a bad storm can take down the grid that = no power.  But just wondering about individual devices including cars.  I am getting conflicting answers to that.

It is not a bad idea to unplug. I have seen power surges when the power just comes back on and my e family had three VCR and a microwave blow up.

I am mad I have rain and won't be able to see any northern lights.. I miss them so.


Mr. Bill:

--- Quote ---2012-01-20 16:35   G1 (Minor) Geomagnetic Storm Possible January 23

SWPC Forecasters have determined that the CME from NOAA Region 1402 near disk center yesterday will likely pass above (north) of Earth. This glancing blow will cause just G1 (Minor) Geomagnetic Storm activity. Look for the first signs of it around 1800Z (1:00 pm EST) on Sunday, January 22, with the bulk of the disturbance to occur Monday, January 23. Watch here for updates.
--- End quote ---


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