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9 Cool Catalogs for Permaculture

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I posed a thread in the Agriculture forum about seed catalogs with now a full 24 free seed catalogs you can get online.  Here are 9 that are more geared for the Permaculture minded specializing in shrubs, bushes and trees.  Two are also in the seed catalog post but 7 of these are brand new.

1. Nourse Fams -

2. Adams County Nursery -

3.  Rain Tree Nursery -

4.  Isons Nusery and Vinyards -

5.  Musser Forests Inc -

6.  Carino Nurseries -

7.  Stark Bro's -

8.  Miller Nurseries -

9.  Trees of Antiquity -

Winter is coming and it is really comforting to sit in front of a fire and read catalogs like these and plan for spring.  Hope you enjoy the list,

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 I also get some catalogs from fedco (a coop in Maine) and Johnny's seed company(not only seeds). I have also gone on some forays to old abandoned farmhouses to divide up some beautiful, but overcrowded rhubarb plants-the original plants appreciated the growing room.


I am new to gardening/permaculture and I live in the Suburbs so, I was thinking of starting out small.  Since, I have never done this before I was curious for instance why the seeds at Isons seem to be so much cheaper than Nourse.  I just finished slipping through both PDFs.  The other places didn't have PDFs so, I won't comment on those.  My question is though is there that big a difference in seeds?  Any other reasons?  It was a pretty large difference.

Seed Saver's Exchange is my favorite source for heirloom seeds.  They have an astonishing variety of heirloom seeds available.

Another amazing resource is the print catalog from Richter's Herbs. They have hundreds of medicinal and otherwise useful plants. The catalog is full of images, descriptions, plant uses, etc. Order at


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