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How many Berrina lights on my grow shelf


I am setting up a shelf like Jack did to grow cut and come again lettuce. Would it be OK to put two lights per shelf instead of three? I am thinking about the electric bill.

For something like lettuce, 2 lights should be fine you might need to lower them a little. If the growing is to slow or the plants are reaching for the light, more lights might be needed or lower them. Also adding a reflective surface around the grow space will allow for more light to reach the plants. You can get milar like growers use, you can line it with aluminum foil (dull side to plants), the reflective bubble wrap insulation will work to keep the light in.

If you are concerned about electricity usage I would go for a timer and run them for less time possibly having them all turn off for a few min through the day.

If your electricity rate is $0.10 KWH each fixture will cost $0.042 an hr or $1.008 a day if on 24/7.
I run 12-13hr a day on my lights, during the germination stage you could run less.


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