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Staking Crypto for ROI



I would just send the question to Jack but the crypto expert seems to be no more and Jack is on vacation.

Does anyone have any experience/input into "staking" your crypto to get some interest income from it?  So far I see too many places, hard to find who is stable like coinbase eventually became the leader in exchanges.  Also it seems you often have to trade your coin for some new coin.  Not so sure I want to do that.  No, wait, I am not trading a coin with a years long record for something new.

Input?  Advice?

The risks outweigh the benefits for me. 

But I'm a shitcoin minimalist and have no desire to place BTC in someone else's hands (not your keys, not your coins), or exchange it for something else on the off-chance I might reap some measly ROI.  I'm not even willing to put anything substantial on a Lightning node at this stage of the game, and I actually believe in the future of that technology. 

My ROI is entirely due to HODLing, so I focus on securing my keys for the long haul.

Andreas Antonopoulos' opinion on BTC POS from yesterday:


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