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Beginners'/Idiots' Guide to Hydroponics?


So, after viewing one of Jack's recent videos on hydroponics, I think I need a Dummy's guide to Hydroponics. I know that books on the topic exist on the Interwebs, but what I'm looking for are recommendations for GOOD ones (preferably accessible through Amazon) that can explain the basics, but also show me how to set up something simple. A TRUE beginners guide. For the time being I'm mostly looking at growing things like lettuces, tomatoes, etc. As my experience grows, I'm sure I'll add complexity.

Can anyone recommend a/some good book(s) about this topic?  I'm extremely visual, so lots of diagrams/photos etc. would be great. I've been scouring YouTube for days, and all I've managed to do is confuse myself.  ;D

The simplest method is Kratky.  Watch this video, it doesn't get much simpler.


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