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grabbed from behind while walking on cell phone.....

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Although, this can happen easily enough without the cell phone. We walk by people every day, any of them could reach out and grab us from behind as we pass them. This is made more likely by the fact that we do not keep the mentally ill off the streets, at least not in California. It is not enough to take their guns, and let them out, because they can use their arms and hands. It is a huge problem that we literally have no where to keep them and us safe. SO, how to prepare for the fact that this is getting worse ?

Here is a recent case from a city not very far from me. Where she was walking is the busiest intersection not on a freeway, this ares is not a "bad area", it is the fixed up, nice, tourist, expensive store area, many people drove right past her without stopping or helping, it was daylight, the first person who did stop was another woman, once that women pulled over, then other people stopped to help. Yes, you can get beat up or raped in broad daylight in a busy area and not get help, potentially.

--- Quote ---Around 7PM on Wednesday night, a woman fought off a stranger at the clock tower in downtown Santa Cruz who tried to rip off her clothes and rape her in broad daylight, in front of a number of onlookers and witnesses. The woman was walking past the clock tower on Pacific Avenue when a man jumped out, put her in a bear hug, and tried to pull down her pants as she fought back. He then stripped naked and began masturbating, according to police. The victim suffered bruises while struggling with the suspect and was very shaken up after the incident. Onlookers called 911 and when police arrived, the man tried to attack the officers, police said. The man was arrested on charges of attempted rape and assaulting a peace officer. Arrest records show that he was arrested just 24 hours before the clock tower attack. For jumping over a fence and trespassing. Where? At SCPD’s main station! He was arrested, held for 4 hours, then dumped by the county jail into downtown, where he walked a few blocks to the clock tower and tried to rape this innocent woman. You can thank the county and the open turnstiles at the county jail for this!

Here’s a first hand account of what happened:

“I was attacked on the corner of Pacific Ave right at the clock tower at 7:00pm while it was still daylight out. I was walking home from my work talking on the phone with my friend. When suddenly I felt somebody grab me from behind and push me to the floor. It was a (presumably) homeless man in his 40s, Asian. He ripped the button off of my jeans and tried to pull them down while I was pushing him off of me screaming at the top of my lungs “help me help me get him off of me!”. This lasted for at least two minutes until a car pulled to the side and a woman came out of the car and pulled me away from him. Other people came by and kicked him to get him off of me, as he was continuing to lunge at me as I was pulled into the car. At this moment he started to strip off all his clothes and started masturbating for everyone to see.

I called the police and went to the station and had him arrested. He fought back against the cops and ended up in the ER for resisting. I was brave for fighting him off of me for at least two minutes but I saw life and death in front of my eyes and I didn’t want to give up. I was in complete shock that this had happened to me on the normal walk and in such a public place. I feel as if our town is being taken over by the mentally ill and I want to be able to help him but at the same time we don’t have enough patrolling out there to keep us all safe. I was recognized by an officer today at breakfast and he came up to me to ask me if I was OK and to tell me he was disturbed by the case. He told me that the same man was just released two days prior after being arrested for jumping the fence at the police station. I think people are desensitized to homeless people screaming so they didn’t think twice about me screaming. No one came to my rescue for maybe almost 5 mins. I have bruises and cuts on my legs and I hit my head as he pushed me to the ground. Please be careful when your by yourself walking in this town it’s not safe”
--- End quote ---

from here, as well as a picture of the suspect while waiting for police to arrive......

  I wonder how many shot video to load to farcebook or youtube and cared nothing for the actual event? Society has become DISCONNECTED.

I know that I have been guilty of not practicing enough situational awareness... this is a good reminder that we should wait until we are in a safe place to make phone calls... perhaps we should wait until we are at our destination to make or receive calls (in the same way we would while driving).

As for the issue of mental illness, dangerous individuals being released into the public, etc. I have no idea of a solution... (and I realize that I certainly have no control over this). I guess we have to just be more cautious in our day to day lives...


--- Quote from: LvsChant on April 27, 2018, 01:57:58 PM ---
As for the issue of mental illness, dangerous individuals being released into the public, etc. I have no idea of a solution... (and I realize that I certainly have no control over this). I guess we have to just be more cautious in our day to day lives...

--- End quote ---

A solution for your state is to not let it get as bad as it is here. Make sure your area does not cut funding and does not close down facilities for the mentally ill, or makes a few new ones. Do not pass the laws that California has that makes it so criminals do not get locked up, just probation, then if they do it again, more probation. Do not cut funding or hiring for your local police department, as was done in this area. There is not nearly enough police to possibly enforce or prevent, not even enough to arrest, so they dont until it is something like this. This man was so out of it, he was trying to break into the police station the day before, but he was not "5150'd" on a 48 hours hold, as we do not have enough room. Even the ones that get that mental hold, almost all are then released after 48 hours, even though by any sense of "danger to themselves or others" they would qualify, the new standard is that if they are not physically attacking someone while being released, they are released. Sometimes they give them drugs for compliancy then release, but an awful lot of the time, these people do not have the motivation or ability to continue taking the meds, and so are right back to being unable to care for themselves, and some become violent to others. Last week I watched a coffee kiosk camera footage of a man that just rode is bike up, screamed profanities, broke things on the counter, tried to get in, mom with stroller hastening way, away...... and no help is called for this man, he is not taken off the streets. But, he is off the rails and a danger, but has not laid his hands on someone that has reported it, yet..... Do not let your area become like ours.

I get your point... but I have a rather low opinion of the political process and how much effect we can have on it in general. I know CA is worse off than other states (in many ways)... perhaps a prediction of things to come elsewhere and the end result.


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