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Here are links to companies I deal with regularly and have had good experiences with:

Johnny's Select Seeds:

I go to Johnny's whenever I need seeds in any quantity, such as bush peas for a cover crop.  You can order anywhere from mini packets, containing a few for sampling, up to multiple pounds or million seed packs.

Pinetree Garden Seeds:

This is my general go to company.  They have a nice variety for the homestead gardner, are easy to deal with, and ship fast.

Seeds of Change:

This is my best source to get open pollinating non-hybrid heirloom seeds. 

Here are a couple of companies that I use quite a bit. 

Baker Creek Seed Company is sort of local to me.  They're about 2 hours west of me & they are located in Mansfield Missouri.  Jere Gettle has a passion for all things heirloom.  He's a leader in the fight for non-GMO food.  He does good things & if you're ever near Mansfield when one of their festivals is occurring I encourage you to check it out.  It's great Ozarks fun & you just might learn a thing or two about heirloom seeds.  Lots of resources on the site as well, give it a look.

Seed Saver's Exchange is one of the biggest & oldest around doing the heirloom seed thing.  They're an invaluable resource for anything heirloom seed related.

Both sites have lots to offer the heirloom gardener. 


--- Quote from: SwampMonster on September 23, 2008, 04:45:08 PM ---Come on guys keep them coming, just lined up a good friend and 20 acres to garden next year.  No more trips to Bruno's for me.


--- End quote ---

I use, they're pretty good!

OK winter and cabin fever are on the way for many.  I did a bunch recently on winter gardening.  For your reading and sourcing pleasure here is my exhaustive list of great free seed and garden catalogs.

1.   Harris Seeds -

2.   Burpee Seeds -

3.   Park Seeds -

4.   Thompson and Morgan -

5.   Gourmet Seed Company -  (you have to send an email request for this one no form on the page)

6.   The Cook’s Garden -

7.   Johnny’s Seeds -

8.   Henry Fields -

9.   Spring Hill Nursery -

10.   Gurney’s -

11.   Rain Tree Nursery - (really cool stuff you won’t find in other catalogs.  Fruits, shrubs and trees from North America and all over the world)

12.   High Mowing Organic Seeds -  (the selection of greens is really impressive with many that will grow in very cold or warm climates)

13.   Baker Creek - (extensive catalog of veggies, all are organic)

14.   Pinetree Garden Seeds -

15.   D Landreth Seed Company -

16.   Redwood City Seed Company -

17.   Bountiful Gardens -

18.   Siegers Seed Company -

Feel free to suggest others that you know about.  Oh and if you use firefox you can set up a form profile and order all 18 in about 10 minutes flat.  Merry Early Christmas!  Happy Reading.

Here are six more to make it an even two dozen! 

19.  - Seeds of Change, just found them so I don't know much about them other then they sell organic seed.

20.  - Nichols Garden Nursery

21.  - Kitchen Garden Seeds

22.  -  Territorial Seed

23.  - Stokes Seeds

24.  - Adams County Nursery


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