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 I can't carry the S&W 442 at work. The Altoids contain 2 more speed strips of .38 semi-wadcutters.
Whenever I can't tote the pistol, I have some sort of projectile weapon on me, hence the darts, I keep a slingshot in my car. Some sort of projectile weapon beats none at all.
The tablets in the foil packs are Iodine tabs in case Hadji gets a nuke.

Thanks a lot guys now i ordered a Gerber Artifact.Just becouse of u guys i sure hope its worth it


Usually one of the pistols.  Most likely the .45 unless I cannot wear a loose fitting t shirt or something to cover it.  Sometimes the LCP but any gun is better than no gun.   I often tuck the XML into a pocket and or carry the Surefire 6PLED.   The knife is a benchmade auto folder.  I'd like a different knife for edc as I dont care for the tanto point.   I'll also often slip in a leatherman multi tool.

R.F. Pocket - Lone Wolf, William W. Harsey design T2 Hunter and Kimber LifeAct Guardian Angel
R.R. Pocket - Wallet - Black leather cards and I.D. (no cash)
R. Jacket Pocket - Primary set of keys for everything
R. Hip - Glock 23 with Crimson Trace in DeSantis IWB holster
L.F. Pocket - Lexar 4GB Secure II Plus USB drive, cash, secondary set of keys for car, truck and house.
L. Jacket Pocket - Cell Phone LG CU720 Shine
L. Wrist - Watch Luminox Marine Series 1594

Colt M1991 full size in condition 1
2 extra 8 round mags
SOG folder
Surefire 6P
Cell phone


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