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Well here mine is as of 2.17.09

Pistol is a Springfield XD Subcompact in .40 calber
Holster is a CrossBread SuperTuck Delux.
On the keys is a Gerber Artifact.
Knife is a CRKT M-16-13FG.
The Leatherman Micro has a LED light attached.
The Boot knife is a Smith and Wesson.
Phone is a Blackberry Curve. Don't remember the Model but his has GPS.


The irresistable combination of Twinkies and moon pies!!!  ;D


but seriously...

Outfitted 5.11 Push Pack (set up as a GHB with typical signals and E&E gear)

Glock 17

Surfire L2 LED Outdoorsman equipped with a TAD Gear tactical impact device

5.11 Ten Eight Duty Tactical Knife - Spear Blade

Gerber Artifact


Riggers Belt
iPod Touch
Casio Pathfinder Watch
Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool
1 Watt LED Flashlight (Flashlight and Multi-Tool carried together in nylon belt pouch)
Fisher Space Pen
SOG Flash II Assisted Opening Pocket Knife
Front Pocket Wallet
Cell Phone (Flip type with QWERTY)
Keys, car alarm fob, house alarm fob, small pill vial, and a Peanut Lighter
Springfield XD9 in a Comp-Tac MTAC holster. (Yes I am left handed.)

.357 S&W 3" barrel in a cross-draw holster
Leatherman Squirt (I know it's really small)
USB thumb drive

Just need to get a compact flashlight and I'll be set.  Maybe you don't agree with what I carry, but it works great for me!

This is my on person carry minus keys and phone. The flashlight has been updated to a Surefire E1E Executive Elite. I have a messenger bag that I carry other things in but don't have a pic to go with it, so I will throw a list under the pictue, cool?

Messenger bag containing:

- OQO laptop with dc charger and spare battery (if you don't know what it is:
- Spare SD card for phone and 8gb thumb drive with documentation and important photo's
- DC cell phone charger
- DC to AC adapter for phone and OQO
- 4-12x monocular (not sure on the brand)
- Waterproof notepad with 2 pencils, 2 pens and 2 grease pencils
- Small area map w/ compass for area I will be in (iow, usually a local map)
- Different kind of snacks which are constantly being changed
- Spare set of keys
- 2 spare magazines for carry gun
- Headgear and gloves along with a couple foot and hand warmers
- 2 Lighters with lint or other firestarters
- MRE condiment kit, still sealed (where the tabasco, TP and matches come in)
- Leatherman multi-tool
- Spare batteries for carry flashlight



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