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They don't have everything, but what they do have they have at a good price.  Plus free shipping over $100

jcarsey: has tons of sutures.  And for practice (on what I am not sure), you can even buy expired ones.

Regarding GALLS (

They are local to me, so they are a group buy option with distribution possibilities.


--- Quote from: JerseyVince on June 27, 2010, 09:39:25 PM ---Lab Safety Supply   lots of medical supplies for offices/EMT/police/Govt

--- End quote ---

Lab Safety Supply has been absorbed in the Grainger family

I have to give a big +1 to rescue-essentials. I purchased just over $100 worth of stuff from them and got it in two days with standard shipping. Also with ordering over $100 I got a free little knife for dirty work and a free set of EMT sheers. The sheers are the kind that will cut through everything. I also found that they have the best prices on the IBD in every size they come in.


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