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Medical Instruments Stock for preppers?

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@Greekman: The glucose meter test strips have a fairly short shelf life, if I recall correctly. The lancet should only be used by one person and does not need to be replaced each time.

We are regretting not purchasing an IR thermometer when we bought the oximeter. They are difficult to get and very expensive now...

Do test strips are the same between brands?

I guess any IR meter will do, there are pocket ones in the craftstores for a few bucks. Though I doubt this method is good for taking ones temperature. If it does i would use a multi meter that measures temperature :D :D :D

Do get a small IR is life saving in the kitchen too. (I measure oven temp and diluted bread starter temp)

The test strips are brand-specific. You must buy the test strips for your glucose meter.

We have regular thermometers that work fine... and I have other cooking thermometers, so it just wasn't ever a priority since we are generally disgustingly healthy and almost never sick... Once we get on the other side of this (assuming we do!), I'll get one or two for the medical supplies...

I just remember that sometime ago a Greek specialist suggest Peak Flow Meter as a diagnostic method of decreased lung function by COVID

That's a great list FreeLancer. I guess I didn't think to much about those because we've always had those items in my house given my wife's career.


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