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PPE Disisnfection for Reusal?

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I wonder what would be good methods for disinfecting the now scarce PPE to reuse.

- I know UV is a good way an blame myself for not having a UV LED strip with all this LED tinkering I do.
- Most of the PPE can be washed (I tried it with the 15c construction dust masks)
- How about a dilute Alcohol solution. i know that hands disinfection guidelines require a 70% solution, but how about leaving the PPE in the dilute solution for long time?
- Peroxide Solution
- Dilute Bleach solution (how about immersion in the standard recipe of the water disinfection solution?)

What do you think?

I got a tip on N95 disinfection in a pulmonology professor;s interview.

Disinfecting N95 masks in bleach is considered harmful to their effectiveness.
yet it is possible to dissinfect in a house oven, at 70degrees celcious (160F) for half an hour.

I am guessing UV would be pretty good, no chemicals or getting things wet or exposing it to extreme heat.

what myself and others I know have settle on to disinfect is time, so just take it off and wait until the potential virus on it is no longer viable before touching it again

Doing this will not degrade the masks as other things would, the virus will not be viable after some days, we do not know how many days, we know that the longest we have heard of the corona virus living on a smooth surface is 9 days.  We are also told it only lives on rough stuff like cardboard or cloth for  a day ( or two? ), so then we try and extrapolate how long is needed to leave a mask.  You could not touch one for 9 days, I am choosing to re-use mine after 7 days.  The idea is to carefully take the mask off and hang it or set it somewhere where no one touches it for a week. So, if you have 3 masks, you can go out 3 times a week, etc...

I’m signed up for a teleconference through my professional society on this subject tomorrow, specifically aimed at protecting healthcare workers in the face of dwindling supplies.

I’ll share what I learn.


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