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Does anyone want to save Walking To Freedom Forum?

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Mr. Bill:
We're gonna nuke Walking To Freedom Forum unless somebody speaks up pretty soon.

Info here: Keep this forum in operation, or not?

You can read that without logging in.  If you're currently a member, and have an opinion about whether we should keep it running, please say something.  (If you're not a member, you can't currently register -- we had to block registrations because of a spammer invasion and no staff available to stop it.)

Wow! I forgot that forum even existed... don't think I ever registered either.

Mr. Bill:
I've never used it -- I'm only a member because of a previous spammer blast that I offered to clean up.

Jack says "I think WTF is dead and should be put down like a dog."  If (when) we do that, I think it'll be a month or two before any members even notice!

Anyway, it's currently in a stable (spam-protected) state, and I've got other tasks to take care of before I get around to deleting it, so it'll be there at least a few more days.

Didn't know it existed.

I really like the idea of it....but I never used it. I went and saw that it didn't have much use in the states I was interested in.


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