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Podcast blog site will be offline on Thu 11/22/18 for upgrades [Edit: DONE!]


Mr. Bill:
Jack's main site,, is getting a much-needed facelift on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day).

I'll be installing a new WordPress theme.  In English, this means the site will look a bit nicer, be better organized, and will display well on small-screen devices (smartphones and tablets) as well as desktop screens.

Expect to see a Site update in progress! page on Thursday, with links to the most recent podcasts and a few TSP-related sites.

If everything goes smoothly, this ought to only take a few hours.  But you know how likely that is... 8)

Mr. Bill:
Ye olde Blog hath been updated. :happydance:

If you run into problems, let me know here, or in the comments on the update announcement post.


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