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Thank you Jack

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Thanks for the great.  I'm out of work and this podcast snapped me into reality.  I need to sell my expensive tank and buy something cheaper that uses much less gas.

I just discovered pod-casting last week, and I get over excited and subscribed to over 160!  So now I'm filtering out the ones I don't like.  This podcast is the only one that I put stars next to because it seems the most practical.

--waterart from Salt Lake City


I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know what a great job you are doing.  I can’t wait to receive your pod cast each day and enjoy your thoughts on the economy, our floundering government and world events.  I would like to take a second to let you know a little about me and how the wife and I have prepared for the future events that are surely coming.  Here’s my story.
 I’ve lived in Connecticut for many years working for XYZ as an network engineer.  Back in early 2006 the wife and I decided that the economy wasn’t going to last and  we should prepare for a possible economic collapse.  I’d been trading commodities and stocks for years and the bells started ringing in my head about 2 years earlier that something wasn’t right.  I decided It was time for drastic measures and planned out a strategy to sell the house, land and aircrafts and be totally liquid before the end of 2006.  We exited the markets in August 2006, and was able to accomplished our goals by Dec 9th of 2006.  We have no debt, live aboard our beautiful Bus fulltime now.  I still work for XYZ but we hadn’t anticipated the job actually lasting as long as it has with layoffs every six months or so throughout the company.   I think we will retire at the end of the contract, it’s looking like it will be a blood bath for the next contract.  I’ve tried for 3-4 years to let people know they should get rid of debt and be ready for the worse scenario but only a few have listen.  The ones that have are debt free now and have left the company, living in their own survival hideaways.  The only part of my plan I haven’t implemented yet is heading out to our survival hideaway.  This we will do as soon as all the red flags are flying and before the real &%$# hit’s the fan.  I’ve also included in our plan gold and silver to use as currency when the dust settles if need be.  If not then we feel it will still work out due to a 75% chance we will see the gold standard implemented in the U.S. sometime in the next 2 years.  Other countries such as China and the Middle East are contemplating this as we speak.  Even if that doesn’t happen the gold and silver will hedge the inflation that will surely come once the rates can no longer be held down by the Fed.  Well I used up enough of your time so keep up what your doing your logic is right on target. 

I send my heartfelt thanks, Jack.   
For years I thought I was going to have to join the tin foil hat brigade--but I don't think they let girls in.   My husband became disabled 5 years ago and I have him and 2 children depending on me.  Fortunately, I am able to make a decent living and  have been able to keep the lights on, food on the table and a roof over our heads,  but I am lacking in the time required to research the "better ideas" that I have been able to gleen from your podcast and this forum.  I am an expert marksman, but there aren't any women in my social network that I can ask questions or compare notes with.  I get so caught up in the everyday tyranny of the urgent that there is no time to plan ahead.  We live in the city, however, I started the "what if" planning 20 years ago--people thought I was a fruitcake..... but now we have a debt free remote location--little house, 300 acres, barn, well, septic system, ponds, a tractor, garden equipment,weapons, fishing gear, camping gear, some food, pecan trees, and some fruit trees.  Next on the list will be a greenhouse and just a few solar panels. 
All this time I thought I was the only rational person on the planet that thought about this stuff--My sister and two friends that I work with have started listening, and we have begun to bounce preparation ideas off one another.  Thanks again Jack for some really good information.

Thanks Jack (and the forum mods),
  Every time I listen to your podcast - I always learn something, you've got a great attitude towards everything and I wish the podcast, you and your family all the best


I have to say thanks. I listen because your a real guy trying to make a difference, even though sometimes you go off the deep end and I dont agree with what your saying. You got alot of wisdom. I appreciate that you share it with the rest of us. Keep up the good work.


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