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I get to make the first post!

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My Kudos added, it has become like my breakfast of champions, do the, check the email and relax with the podcast and read the commentary at the same time. Just awesome thank you you are a very gifted speaker

This forum was a great idea. Thanks for the show, and now thanks for the oppritunity to talk amongst like-minded individuals on these topics.

Big Dan checking in.  ;-]

Thanks again for the great show.  I have really learned a lot from all the topics.  One thing I find interesting is that I am thinking about a topic and within a few days you do a show on it.  Reminds me of the episode on raising crops for wildlife.  I was just talking about that the day before you did the show.  Keep up the good work!!

Great show.  Here's to luck on the forums going forward.  I commute about 40 miles to and from work, so listening to your podcast on the way home is like having a buddy in the Jeep with me.  Sorry I've never taken the time to send you an email on show thoughts.  I didn't know the feedback meant as much to you as you stated in today's (Episode 57) podcast.  I knew it had to be important to you, but your comments today really sent it home for me.

Cheer's! and keep up the good work!


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