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Arsenal .311" 170 gr. FP


Picked up a new 4 cavity Arsenal 170 gr. FP bullet in .311" dia. mold back a couple weeks ago as my annual tax time gift to myself for my 30-30.  It's a traditional grease groove clone of the original Ranch Dog mold design.  I selected the 50/50 option for 2 gas check and two plain base bullets in the same mold block.  The large meplat on the bullet will make it an excellent hunting bullet.

I use the plain base bullets powder coated and cast from softer alloy for plinking loads and the gas check bullets get either traditional lube or powder coated for full house loads, bullets dropped at .312" and will be sized down to .311" It's also a great bullet for 30-06 or 308 Win. also.  I had a couple hours to kill yesterday, so I cast about 300 rifle bullets with the new mold and 150 pistol bullets with my 45 ACP cup point from my NOE mold.

RD plain base bullet

NOE 220 gr. cup point bullets,  I plan to PC these in clear gloss and load them in some nickel plated cases for long term storage.

wow. cool. what are your 'recipes' for your 30-30 loads? i have a 30-30 and just started reloading for it and am looking for recipes.


--- Quote from: archer on March 31, 2018, 09:57:08 PM ---wow. cool. what are your 'recipes' for your 30-30 loads? i have a 30-30 and just started reloading for it and am looking for recipes.

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Previously I was shooting the Lee 150 and 170 gr. gas check design  RNFP bullets.  For the 150 and 170 gr. bullets I would just leave the gas check off for plinking loads as it really isn't needed at the pressures and velocity I was shooting them at which was around 1200+ fps.  It's one reason I bought the  new molds as it cast 2 plain base and 2 gas check bullets at the same time if I like and the meplat or flat point on the bullet is more suitable for hunting purposes although the Lee 170 gr. bullet isn't a bad choice if you want to cast your own on an economical basis.

There are lots of powders you can use for low velocity loads,  below is a link to some info from my Lyman #3 & #4 Cast Bullet Manuals and some loads I use.  My main plinking load is 6.9 grs. Of Alliant Red Dot that I just throw with a RCBS powder rotor and I keep my plinking loads under 1400 fps. After that a gas check is pretty much a must with the alloy I cast my bullets at and cast bullets that are designed to take a gas check at some point along the velocity pressure curve will always shoot more accurately with the gas check installed than not.

My 30-30 reloading doc.

These little books will also have all the jacketed as well as cast bullet data that Lyman currently offers.

If you have any other question just let me know.

I really like those 30-30 bullets.  Should work great on a whitetail deer.

Thanks, I got a few powder coated a few day ago, I think they turn out good.


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