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--- Quote from: armymars on September 19, 2017, 10:00:32 AM ---When it comes to town try the Apple Seed program. Everyone I've talked to who took the course said it was good.

--- End quote ---

Yep.  Appleseed ( and Revere's Riders ( are great starts for the fundamentals.  See Massad Ayoob's Backwoods Home review here:

After understanding safety, position steady-hold factors, six-steps to the shot, NPOA, talking targets, and IMC (which you would learn in either course) it becomes a matter of specialized training.  This can include practical rifle, precision rifle, distance rifle, and even platform specific training.  But understanding and becoming competent in the underlined is the key.

If you would like some reading on it, find a copy of "Fred's Guide to Becoming a Rifleman".  You can also watch the military training videos for some ideas like: and

David in MN:
Thanks, guys. Regrettably the Appleseed project isn't as popular in my neck of the woods. I've been begging my gun club to host one for years but there is little interest. Everything up here firearms wise is about deer hunting.

I'd actually like my father to teach me. He's a vet with marksmanship medals from the army. But he just doesn't like guns these days. There are some older guys at the gun club I could probably bribe to coach me up. Might go that route.

I'll look up the book. Maybe a good starting point.

Smurf Hunter:
I attended an appleseed shoot about a decade ago.  You cannot overstate the importance of fundamentals like natural point of aim and follow through. You may nod your head in agreement, but until you apply these basic things, you won't "get it".

Right now my favorite "fun" rifle that I also use for marksmanship practice is my Savage Mark II FVSR.

It's "tactical" looking, which I'm indifferent about.  But it had some cool features, like the famed "accu-trigger", solid scope base included, threaded muzzle and medium contour barrel. I run it with a modest Nikon 4x32 scope with low profile burris rings.  It's .22lr, but from a bench I can shoot through the holes in Life Savers at 25 yards.  It's a ton of fun for the money.


--- Quote ---I can shoot through the holes in Life Savers at 25 yards
--- End quote ---

... don't Life Savers already have holes through them?  ;)

Seriously though, thanks for the recommendation on the Mark II FVSR.

David in MN:
I will add that rifle to the (short) list I'm considering. Thanks.


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